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Wolf Edmunds' makeshift grave.

Dr. Wolf Edmunds was a particle physicist [1] and astronaut for the Lazarus missions. The desert planet that he arrived on would later become named after him.

Dr. Wolf Edmunds was one of the twelve Lazarus missions scientists who volunteered to assess a potentially habitable planet beyond the wormhole. Before he left Earth, he and Amelia Brand had developed strong feelings for each other. Years after their separation, Brand's feelings for Edmunds would remain an influence in her life and would factor into the decision for the Endurance to visit Mann's planet instead of Edmunds. Brand's preference to visit Edmunds was not thought to be objective when both planets appeared to be equally viable. After crossing the wormhole, Edmunds landed on a desert world that was part of Pantagruel-Gargantua system. After finding his planet's conditions to be promising for human life, Edmunds sent a "thumb's up" signal back to NASA on Earth. He subsequently settled into hypersleep and awaited to be rescued. During this time, a rockslide occurred and destroyed his landing pod, causing Edmunds' death.[2] As a result, the beacon that Edmunds activated had stopped transmitting three years before the Endurance crossed the wormhole.

Amelia Brand burying Wolf.

After a disastrous mission on Mann's planet, the remains of the Endurance along with Brand and CASE are sent to Edmunds as the Endurance's last hope to find humanity's new home. Upon Brand and CASE's arrival, they find Edmunds' destroyed landing pod and bury him before initiating Plan B to colonize the planet.


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