Ranger 2 is one of the two Ranger shuttles attached to the Endurance mission.

Ranger 2 pushing the Endurance past Gargantua

Ranger 2 saw less action than its companion, Ranger 1. It was flown up and attached to the Endurance alongside Ranger 1, belly-to-belly. It remained attached to the Endurance for over two decades. When the Endurance ran the risk of falling into Gargantua's gravity well, Astronaut Joseph Cooper maneuvered Ranger 2 into a position where it could be used as a sort of expendable booster rocket to accelerate the ship to escape velocity. He then detached and fell into Gargantua's event horizon. As the tidal forces and accretion disk debris began to pummel and strain the vessel, Cooper ejected from the Ranger before it was destroyed.

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