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Lois is the wife of Tom Cooper.

During Cooper's time in space, Tom reveals in a message sent to his father that he has a met a girl named Lois and feels that she's the "one" for him as he shows a photo of Lois to his father.

Tom and Lois eventually married and had two sons. Though Tom wanted to name their first son "Coop" after his father, Lois thought it would be awkward. After Tom's grandfather Donald declined the offer to have his great-grandson named after him, Tom and Lois named their first son Jesse. Jesse did not survive due to the deteriorating conditions on Earth. Their second son was nicknamed "Coop" after his paternal grandfather.

For many years, Lois lived with her family on the farm left to Tom by his father. She maintained the house as it was, including Murph's room. During one of Murph's rare visits to the farm, she realizes that Lois and Coop are suffering from a constant cough because of the dust storms. When Murph brings her colleague Getty to assess Coop and Lois's conditions, Tom angrily banishes her from the house and refuses to leave the farm. Murph and Getty secretly return after distracting Tom by burning the corn fields and attempt to evacuate Coop and Lois before Tom returns to the house.