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Note: This is a fan-fiction and is not part of the Interstellar canon.

Lazarus is a 2016 15-episode TV series focussing on the 12 Lazarus missions.

Season 1

Episode 1: Dr. Brand is in his twenties and works at LIGO (the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory). He records an anomalous spike in gravitational readings and concludes that it has been caused by a wormhole. NASA launches a probe on the wormhole trajectory. A year later, Dr. Brand is working at NASA as a theoretical physicist, producing the rudiments of his equation. 

A global war breaks out over the oil deficit, killing billions of the world's population. Robots like TARS and CASE are employed. World governments agree to a truce to prevent human extinction. A biological agent released by Russia over all the continents mutates into a blight, jumping from crop to crop and killing tens of thousands of crops.

Episode 2: Joseph Cooper is born. The probe reaches its destination two years after the end of Episode 1. It gives periodic glimpses into the other side of the wormhole, from which Dr. Brand concludes that there are five systems and twelve planets in total accessible from it.

The government suggests to NASA to find a solution for off- Earth human habitation in the event that the blight becomes so severe that living on Earth is no longer possible.

Episode 3: NASA formulates the Lazarus missions. By this time, Dr. Brand is in his forties. Dr. Hugh Mann, Brand's protege and favorite student, convinces eleven others to join him on the loneliest journey in human history - through the wormhole, to visit the twelve planets and determine whether any of them are fit for human habitation.

Work in progress.

Dr. Edward Hale, a planetary physicist, lands on a metallic planet in orbit around a neutron star that is periodically subjected to intense bursts of radiation. Dr. Hale perishes.

Dr. Henry Yashin, a medicinal chemist, lands on a large planet covered in seas of methane and chlorine. Dr. Yashin perishes.

Dr. Laura Miller, a biologist, lands on a planet covered in water and frequently roiled by tidal waves. Dr. Miller perishes.