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Indian drone flying over farmland.

An Indian surveillance drone flies above the farmland, Coop gives chase in his truck, attempting to acquire "solar cells that could power an entire farm". He estimates that the drone had been flying for 10 years.


After chasing the drone to a nearby lake, Cooper used a Dell Latitude laptop to take control of the aircraft and land it without damage on a nearby hill. He then proceeded with Murphy and Tom to dismantle the aircraft for salvage. It is later seen in the back of the truck. It is unknown why the Indian drone was flying over the Great Plains of the United States, but the gravitational anomaly may have corrupted its navigational computer, taking it thousands of miles from its normal patrol area. Due to the drawdown of major militaries worldwide, it is likely that the drone was either repurposed by the Indian Government to survey national agriculture, or was a leftover of the recent resource wars that was simply unaccounted for, only continuing to fly via solar power and artificial intelligence. Cooper also mentions the quality of the solar cells by referring it as ''its Indian''