Topher Grace as Getty

Getty is a NASA medical doctor who is close friends with Murphy Cooper

Getty is portrayed by Topher Grace in the film.

2014 filmEdit

Getty is present at the time of death of Dr. John Brand. He, along with the other medical staff, had been trying to reach Murphy since Brand had been asking for her.

Getty is asked by Murphy to go to the farm and check on Lois and Coop's respiratory systems. He finds that the conditions of the house (the dust) are causing serious illness, which leads Murph to set the corn crop on fire to distract Tom so they can get Lois and Coop off the farm. When Tom returns, Getty gets a lug wrench in case of a fight, although it doesn't come to that.

Later in the film, Murph kisses Getty, implying a romantic interest between the two. If this romance continued, he's possibly the father of her children.

2014 novelizationEdit

2008 filmEdit

The character of Getty is not featured in the 2008 version of the script.


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