Doyle explains the big picture to Cooper.

Doyle was a geographer and astronaut taking part in the Endurance space exploration mission through the wormhole. He often disagrees with Cooper.

Doyle is portrayed by actor Wes Bentley.


Doyle is first seen in a conference room with Dr. John Brand. He is also the first person in the mission who docks Ranger 1 & 2 to the Endurance.

Doyle on Miller's planet.jpg
Doyle on Miller's Planet with the giant wave behind him and Ranger 1
Later, he, Cooper, Amelia, and CASE go down to the water planet Miller. While on Miller, Doyle, Amelia, and CASE explore, but Amelia ends up being pinned under debris with a giant wave about to hit, because she didn't listen to the other members of the crew to come back to the ship. Doyle sends CASE after Amelia and she is brought to the ship, and they both enter. Unfortunately, Doyle freezes when he spots the wave, right as he is at the entrance of the ship and is swept away. A few moments later, his body can be seen floating in the water.
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