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CASE with Cooper and Brand in pursuit of Dr. Mann

CASE is one of four former U.S. Marine surplus robots , alongside TARS, PLEX and KIPP. His primary purpose was maintenance and operation of the Endurance in the absence of human crew members. CASE's personality is characterized as more quiet and reserved as opposed to TARS' personality.

CASE is voiced by actor Josh Stewart.


CASE is a U.S Marine surplus robot given to NASA for assistance of the astronaut crew.  

CASE rescued Brand, at the behest of Doyle and Cooper, on Miller when she became pinned by wreckage from Dr. Miller's Ranger.

CASE piloted Lander 2 on Mann, when Dr. Mann attempted to murder Cooper and maroon the crew on the planet. However, the crew prevailed. Cooper told CASE to join Brand when they slingshot around Gargantua toward Edmunds. CASE discovered the body of Dr. Edmunds shortly after landing there.

2008 script[]

CASE was originally a humanoid U.S. Marine robot like TARS in the original 2008 script, as well as the mission commander.