The Administrator is a minor character in the film, Interstellar, who takes Cooper on a tour around Cooper Station upon his return from the mission.

He is portrayed by Elyes Gabel.

Film[edit | edit source]

While Cooper recovers and awaits his reunion with Murphy, the Administrator shows Cooper around the space station. The Administrator briefly reveals that he had written a paper about Cooper in high school and is also an avid admirer of Amelia Brand. The sights around the station that Coop is shown by the Administrator includes a memorial slab and a replica of Cooper's old home, where Coop is allowed to reside. Inside the house, Coop finds a deactivated TARS, which the Administrator reveals had been found near Coop when he appeared in space after leaving the Tesseract.

2008 script[edit | edit source]

The Administrator is essentially identical to the version of the character found in the script.

References[edit | edit source]

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