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Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero is a short comic book that follows the events after Dr. Mann's arrival on Mann and prior to the arrival of the Endurance. It was written by Christopher Nolan and drawn by Sean Gordon Murphy. It was featured exclusively on Wired Magazine's main site.


Dr. Mann is awakened by KIPP as they begin another repetition of trying to find evidence of habitability on the planet they landed on. Heading outside of his pod, Dr. Mann and KIPP go to retrieve data from one of their deep drilling probes. When Mann orders KIPP to create a hypothetical data set for the planet, KIPP responds that the task is pointless without any substantive data. When Mann retrieves the data from the probe, he is angry with KIPP's reassertion that there is no firm surface to find on the planet, only frozen clouds of ammonia. In response, Mann tries to destroy the data disc he retrieved from the probe and threatens to switch KIPP off when the robot tries to stop him. KIPP reminds Mann that doing so would leave KIPP as little more than a tool kit and Mann deprived of the only company he has.

KIPP acknowledges Mann's frustration and suggests going in a new direction with their search as they return to the pod, though Mann retorts that their efforts are pointless. The next day, KIPP tells Mann that he is working to extend the range of their probes, which Mann replies to negatively. After KIPP reveals it has not transmitted their data back to Earth but has completed the hypothetical data requested by Mann, Mann comments the data set is what Earth hopes to see, though KIPP reminds Mann again that the data set has no substantive data. Mann sends KIPP out of the pod alone, remarking that he has had enough of finding nothing. When KIPP returns, Mann switches KIPP off and it does not respond when addressed. Left alone, Mann contemplates the nature of absence.

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